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How to play TZOKER

HTP Tzoker

  • Connection to  

    Sign in to your account, by using your credentials (username & password). In case you do not remember your password click on “I forgot my password”. Don’t you have an account? Sign up here.

    Note: In order to play, you shall have an adequate balance in your account.   
    You may find out how to deposit money here. 

  • Slip Creation 

    By clicking “Create Slip”, you can fill in your preferred numbers (“Select Numbers”) or select “Quick Pick” and the system will automatically select numbers for you.  

    Note: You can fill in up to 12 areas in the same slip (“+12 areas”).   

  • Number Selection

    By clicking on “Select Numbers” you can create a new area. Select at least 5 numbers from the 1st field (1 to 45) and at least 1 TZOKER number from the 2nd field (1 to 20) or System and click on “Add” button.  

  • Participation Options

    Select the number of consecutive draws you want your slip to participate in, if you want to play with monthly subscription or depending on the JACKPOT amount.  

    Note: You may also participate in PROTO game, by selecting the consecutive 7-digit numbers (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100) you want. The selections are cumulative.  

  • Slip Submission

    Once you have completed your selections, click on “PAYMENT” and submit your slip.