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How to Play PROTO


  • Connection to  

    Sign in to your account, by using your credentials (username & password). In case you do not remember your password click on “I forgot my password”. Don’t you have an account? Sign up here.

    Note: In order to play, you shall have an adequate balance in your account.   
    You may find out how to deposit money here. 

  • Slip Creation 

    Click on “Create Slip” through TZOKER and/or LOTTO game and select PROTO. Then fill in with how many consecutive numbers you want to participate and the system will automatically select numbers for you.  

  • Number Selection

    You can select up to 186 consecutive numbers, just by filling in all fields (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100).  

    Note: Multiple selections work cumulatively. 

  • Consecutive Draws

    Choose the number of consecutive draws (1 to 100) you want to participate in. If you do not fill in an option, your slip participates only in the next draw.  

  • Slip Submission 

    Once you have completed your selections, click on “PAYMENT” and submit your slip.