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KINO is a game of chance concerning the correct prediction of up to 12 numbers from the 20 ones drawn (from the 80 numbers field).  KINO draws are conducted daily (every 5’ minutes) from 8:00 in the morning until 23:55 at night. Minimum bet slip is 0,50€.

KINO BONUS is 1 number (shown in red color) randomly selected from the 20 numbers drawn. Fill in the corresponding field on the slip and if you match it, you have the chance to win more.

In ODDS – EVENS you predict whether most numbers (of the 20 ones drawn) will be ODDS, EVENS or TIE. You may select only one result.   

You predict in which of the 10 vertical COLUMNS (80 numbers field) most numbers will be drawn (of the 20 ones drawn in each draw). In case of a tie, the column whose numbers were drawn first, in terms of time, wins. You may select more than 1 column at the same time.  

You select the number of draws (from 1 to 700 consecutive draws) in which you want to participate with the same slip. The total cost of the slip is charged at the moment you deposit it.